Engaging content

It is not only about developing great content. It must be custom designed for emerging markets to achieve high engagement.

Viral growth

We leverage the MNO’s promotional channels to gain an initial user base, then we catapult growth through strategic use of social networks.

Carrier billing

MNO’s Billing Systems are the only way in emerging markets to turn successful mobile content and services into monetization powerhouses.


We design, develop and distribute mobile content and services that engage users and allow MNOs to use their existing infrastructure to further monetize their smartphone user base.

We start by transforming unique ideas into modern, friendly content and services that achieve high user engagement.


We master unique techniques focused on acquiring the right audience, using MNO’s promotional channels.

Viral Growth

Our users are aggressively rewarded when they use social networks to connect and share with their friends, which means viral growth of our audience.

Carrier Billing

Credit card penetration and use in emerging markets is extremely low, so we partner with mobile operators to turn carrier billing into a strategic asset.

User Analysis

Our platform provides everything a mobile carrier needs to know about their actual and potential base, so they can optimize their services and campaigns.


We can deliver highly segmented ads and notifications so mobile carriers can benefit when they use our content and services as an advertising channel.


Our group is 100% focused on monetizing MVAS services for smartphones in emerging markets.
We know MNO’s in
emerging markets

Management team with experience in the Latin-American VAS Industry since 2002. Successfully managed services for over 50 MNOs in the region.

We are local

Offices in Miami, Venezuela and Panamá, covering Latin America and the Caribbean.

We know Smartphones
and Apps

Wide experience developing world class mobile apps. Our games have been highlighted by Apple’s App Store as "New and Noteworthy" and "Great Performer".

+ 25.000.000
Potential customers
Tech Support
+ 800.000
Active subscribers